No Reward without Risk

I’m going to share a secret with you that all great designers know and use religiously…be bold and calculating with your color choices. You don’t have to paint your dining room red and you don’t need a yellow sofa (although I’m not opposed to either one of those ideas) to make your designs sing and look like a Pinterest dream post.
We love color and always use it in bursts throughout the rooms we design. Just look at this gorgeous (Instagram Gold!)  recently finished kitchen that we just shot last week. It’s actually a very neutral space, lots of whites, grays, glass, natural stone and a wood tile floor. It’s an exciting and very functional space but without color it’s a little sleepy. So we did what we love to do, we peppered the space with vibrant colors and woke it up!
Don’t be afraid to use a runner in the kitchen, it paints a big swath of color and adds a layer of softness in a room where everything is hard and loud. Bring in the organic elements like bright flowers and/or a bowl of citrus (colorful and nutritious). Bring in artwork, display your Fiesta Ware if you like, don’t forget about all the colorful choices in dish towels and kitchen textiles and accessorize to your hearts content. Be bold, that’s the key here. If you go a little overboard you can always edit.
Speaking of going a little overboard but with incredible results, try bright appliances. SMEG has the market cornered on this. A little retro, a little European and not for the timid. If taking the plunge with a large appliance is too much for you, then a counter top appliance can also yield impact. Toasters, mixers, juicers or espresso machines are work horses and can be the super models of your kitchen. The hub of your home deserves a little shot in the arm. Color makes people happy. Go get happy!