Latest on our book: The Westlake Hill Home

In a world where smoky glass triumphs over clear once season only to be “out” the next, and mixed metals go from being risky to stylish, a designer’s main challenge is incorporating new trends without compromising function and style. Another important cue for a designer is listening to the client’s needs. Some times, it is simply too hard to let go of a furnishing that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Our vision for this Westlake Hill’s home? Timeless design. We took the basement, an area that was once a children’s playroom and turned it into the ultimate adult entertainment space adding a glass gym room, wine tasting room/kitchen, vintage pool table and re-doing the staircase. The best part was incorporating vintage elements and nostalgic pieces that not only added a personal touch to the room, but also remained “ageless,” like the homeowner’s engraved dining table and Chinese  armoire. We worked around the concept of keeping timeless pieces and introducing modern twists like the hand-printed wallpaper and wine bottle rack.


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