Let’s Get Lit!

Do you pick a chandelier as the first thing for a room or the finishing touch?

Its always the first thing I think and consider. The deciding factors are the style direction you want to go in and how much attention you want to bring to lighting as a statement. When we design spaces, It may be Kitchens, Bathrooms, Dining Room or Master Bedroom selection of a beautiful statement piece to lit up the space is very important to complete the space. As furniture plans evolve and you figure out the functionality of the space, that’s when the chandelier can be considered. I love one in a powder room. One of the recent powder room we designed, as part of the entire house remodel, Instead of putting the lights above the vanity or on the side of a mirror, I designed the space with a hanging chandelier in the corner, creating a focal point.

Light up your life

Light up your life


Being a designer what I am often asked why do I emphasize so much on the right lighting?  The answer that I always come up with is,  when lighting is done the right way keeping the space area, furniture and ambiance in mind it completely changes the look and the feel of the space significantly.  When lighting is done aesthetically the mood of the hour changes for the good. The monotonous use of the same kind of lights or picking the same line of light everywhere does not appeal to my hunger of keeping the look unique.  Lighting plays a vital role in accentuating the beautiful artwork, rugs or any construction detail.

Recently while on a lookout for something different and unique in lighting something that really caught my attention was this and very unique & architectural light fixture.  This is not only different in how it looks but its appeal to the space where it will fill up will make a humongous change in the decor and add royalty to it.

It is from Visual Comfort. Thomas OBrien Osiris is the name of the collection it is picked up from. The finish is brass and hand rubbed antique brass. The glass is linen.  It looks stunning and cant wait to put it up in the right place.


Likewise there are innumerable other pendant lights that are beautifully crafted with perfection with that look to appeal.

Each and every house or space when given the right lights will glow and have an impact on an altogether different level.