How to Design a Luxurious Family-Friendly Home?

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Do you think a beautifully designed home cannot be kids-friendly? Over more than a decade of my interior designing career, I have come across many clients who are upgrading their homes after their children have grown up and can safely maneuver around sophisticated items.
I have always propagated a different mindset: Building beautiful memories against the backdrop of a comfortable and elegant home. With a little extra thought and creative planning, it is possible to achieve an aesthetically appealing space that is also practical. Growing up, I had a beautiful home and seeing my mother’s passion for keeping her home picturesque, my siblings and I learnt to take care of our house and everything in it.
There is something to be said about having an elegant home that’s also kid friendly. Here are some tips to achieve a gorgeous look for you home that is comfortable for the entire family.
Plan your Space – The first step to a beautiful house is to ensure an ideal use of every nook and corner of the house. Family life calls for a home that is both fun and functional. You want to have space for social gatherings as well as some quiet areas, such as the fireplace, for curling up with a book. A constructive thought process into space planning can help you embed separate spaces for kids, for hosting social gatherings and for your fun family time. You will be amazed what a little layout redo can achieve – a practical solution that fits your modern lifestyle.

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Move away from Traditional Space Uses – Many modern families no longer need the traditional rooms like a formal living and dining. Redefining the use of rooms can leave some great extra space for your kids like their own reading corner. It can even be converted into a functioning space with built-in’s shelves/cabinetry for additional storage for books, toys and memorabilia.
Spice it up! A kids-friendly house does not have to be dull and boring. Some intelligent designing decisions can revamp the look of your house while keeping it a joyful place to be for the entire family. Use of modern open-concept layouts with the right combination of accessories and furnishings can achieve an elegant look without compromising on practicality. A well balanced blend of traditional and contemporary design elements can create a friendly and inviting atmosphere without feeling like you robbed a big box store. If you are aiming for a design with a character as well as a homely vibe to it, try mixing the old with the new – like replacing the old oak/ dark cabinets with softer colored panels.
Get an expert opinion! – The longer you live in a space, the lesser you see its flaws. You become accustomed to its usage and may find it difficult to see it functioning well in any other way. This is where an expert can add real value! As a designer, I often consider changing the purpose of the room to suit my client’s lifestyle. Like, the traditional living room in the front of the house can be converted into a music room with a grand piano or an office space or even a library.
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