First Impressions Matter

I walk my dog every evening and the most enjoyable aspect of this chore is catching a glimpse into the homes of your neighbors. Privacy is flipped at night, if the lights are on you have a clear view of the interiors from the sidewalk. I’m not talking about being a peeping Tom, sheeeesh! Just a brief moment of the scene. It’s fascinating.Luxury house at night in Vancouver, Canada.Blog house at night
Even more fascinating is how the interiors and exteriors aren’t always sympatico. A professionally landscaped yard with a bright and staged entry complete with a bench, plants and lovely porch lights obscures a dreary living room with horrible overhead lighting, a really tired sofa and the same color the painters put on when the house was built twenty years ago.
The next home may have a front yard that needs to be mowed, the same dated and faded original front door and a burned out lightbulb in the pitted old brass porch light. But as you can see through the living room’s bay window it’s like a House Beautiful photo shoot. Modern and bright lighting, fresh and interesting paint and wallpaper on the walls, artwork, table lamps and stylish furnishings.blog front door wreathBlog modern front door
No matter the reasons for the juxtaposition (money, time or procrastination) it takes just a little work to bring your entry up to date. A fresh coat of glossy paint no matter the color will breathe new life into your home’s exterior. (Red supposedly signifies a mortgage free home.) Some interesting pots with textured plants and flowers, an inexpensive, modern porch light, a colorful welcome mat and maybe even some outdoor seating (if you have the room) will give your home some major curb appeal. Creating a focal point takes the eye off your yet to be landscaped yard and brings it to the important part of your home, it’s entry point. Make it cheerful, welcoming and gracious….a reflection of you.sterling-paint-front-door-fast-diy-painted-front-door-and-door-paint-suggestions-magic-brush-paint-front-door-l-44633e45aed5d23f