Dwell’s City Modern Home Tour Top 4

Dwell got an exclusive look at some of Manhattan’s most dreamy interiors at the annual City Modern Home Tour a few weeks back. Take a look, but be careful, your grander design side is bound to be induced with envy once your through drooling over these next photos!

1. Resolution: 4 Architecture’s 14th Street Loft: This gorgeous loft serves up just the right mixture of modern and charming for it’s family of five inhabitants. With modern takes on traditional design, the end result is a functional space with tons of room, storage,  and lots of natural light for this family to relax and bond. The focal point in this home is a raised solarium that opens up to the rooftop. The solarium also features a raised floor that serves as a sortof skylight to the bedroom below!


2. Asfour Guzy Architects’ Lafayette Townhouse: This four-story, single family townhouse designed by Peter Guzy is an absolutely stunning poster child for modern charm. Originally a ConEd switching station constructed in 1909, the brick walls, exposed beams and vaults are absolute elements of old school charm that the architect didn’t dare remove or cover up, and for good reason. In order to maintain the original charm of the building, he integrated these with a new library, indoor pool, terrace, and even an elevator. Natural light plays a huge role in the functionality of the home, so as to not unintentionally create a dingy vibe.




3. Leone Design Studio’s Meatpacking Loft: This artsy, glamorous loft is a 2,880 sq ft living space located in an old printing factory built by John Jacob Astor in the 1890’s. The designers tried to pay homage to the loft’s industrial roots despite the fact that it’s earlier conversion had not done so. The space is modern, yet has a certain historical sense to it.



4. David Hoston’s SkyHouse: This four-story penthouse inside one of NYC’s oldest skyscrapers is a childlike artist/futurist dream home. Featuring glass bridges, skylights, and a 50 ft. climbing wall that will make you dizzy, in a good way. As will the 80 ft. stainless steel slide that weaves over the bedrooms, in and out of windows, and finally into the entryway. The quirky home is not all fun and games though, as it’s sophisticated white palate becomes a beautiful backdrop for stylistic statements like a large black horse-lamp and statement art pieces.


We hope you enjoyed this recap of Dwell’s experience at the City Home Tour in NYC! Maybe it will give you some inspiration to start this Monday off right!