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We are proud to announce that Spaces Designed won two awards at the Legacy of Design, 2015 Texas Chapter!

We were recognized for the “Best Kitchen Design” category and received an  Honorable Mention under the “Unique Space” category.

We are very thankful to our clients, Mr. and Mrs. Schwarzbach and Teresa and Matt MaCarty for allowing us to help them upgrade their spaces.  Also, a big thank you toBee Creek Photography  and Casey Dunn Photography for capturing these beautiful images.

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Northwest Austin Kitchen


Guest post: White design inspirations

In case you are planning a major renovation in your property, we can offer you some excellent ideas. If you like the clean and simple designs, then you will certainly like the idea of a white design for some of the premises in your home. This traditional style will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed and will also give a more unusual look to your home which all of your guests will like.

There is no down side to the including of a white design in your home, except perhaps when it is time to clean. We all know how easy the white clothes get dirty and what a nightmare it is to remove the stains. This shouldn’t stop you from purchasing a white sofa for your living room or covering your walls with white wallpapers with certain elements. There is no way to protect your white possessions from the grime but you can always call professionals for their disinfection. You might have to perform a cleaning more often than usual, but the comfort which the beautiful white design will give you will be definitely worth it.

Bright bathroom 

Installing white tiles with interesting elements will be simple but very effective for the design of your bathroom. Using only white for the decoration of this room, however, is not the best idea. It is better to combine the white with accessories in different other colours. The best thing about the white is that it goes perfectly with any kind of colour, so there are no limitations.

Photo credit: Wikimedia


If you choose only white tiles, you can purchase cabinets in yellow or beige or a model in a dark colour which will create a nice contrast. Don’t forget the accessories, especially the mirrors because they will make a nice addition to the design of the room and will also reflect the light, making the place brighter.

Clean white kitchen

In case you are a neat freak, the idea of a white kitchen might seem strange to you. Don’t be in a hurry to dismiss it though. When you combine a white cabinetry with appropriate lighting, you will see that having a kitchen in white can be actually great.

Of course, if you are too worried about spills and stains, you can include elements in different colours. For instance, the countertop and the area around the sink which you will use daily can be in darker colours. This way the stains and the other grime won’t be so visible.

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Bedroom in white

Most people don’t like the idea of white in the bedroom because it is considered that the darker colours can help you sleep better. There is no need to make the room too dark, though, so you can add decorative elements in white. Whether you put flowers in a  white vase, hang pictures with white frames on the walls or purchase a lighter wallpaper, the results will be excellent.

Photo credit: Mandarin Oriental Miami

White elements in the living room

Since the living room is the place in which you spend most time, choosing a white design might not be the best idea, especially if you have kids or pets. That doesn’t mean that you will have to select only dark objects and furniture. You can still choose one central element in white, like the sofa for instance, or add pictures and mirrors with white frames on the walls. Feel free to add any other elements in white you like  and also make sure that there is enough light in the room, so that they can stand out.

Photo credit: Wikimedia

Welcoming entryway 

You may think that the design of your entryway is not so important but that is not true. If you want to impress your guests, you can make some changes in the style of this area of your home and include beautiful white elements there as well. A nice white lamp, white candles, white coffee table, there are really many things you can use which will freshen up the look of your entryway.

Photo credit: Dickens Museum


The article was contributed by HomeMates Acton

Guest post from 5 Tips for Making Sure No One Forgets Your Brand

5 Tips for Making Sure No One Forgets Your Brand

In today’s competitive retail market, consumers have the option to purchase several different brands hosting the same product. What makes a brand so special and unique is one that delivers a quality product as well as customer service, is trustworthy and provides value. With these various tips, you can help boost the memorability of your brand for years to come.

Putting People Behind Your Brand

Social media is a huge part of promoting your brand which we will get to later, but ensuring that you have live people who eat, breath and sleep whatever your brand is, is highly important. Even in this high-tech day and age, consumers still want quality customer service as well as knowing that the people working for a brand believe in the brand. Consumers are searching for convenience of big-named brand while wanting customer service of a small-family owned business. Ensure that your company has employees who love what they do and will naturally sell your brand.

Design A Meaningful Logo

Spend the time and money to design a meaningful logo, and try your best not to change it. Case studies show that re-designing a brand can be both a good thing and a bad thing. New brand appeal can attract new customers, but lose faithful old ones. Having a strong logo ensures that your brand is recognized year after year. Keep words to a minimum and use colors that evoke a consumer to buy. The name of your brand should be incorporated with your graphic. Notice that big name brands such as Coca Cola and Johnson & Johnson keep their logo similar to when they first started. They may make slight individual product design changes, but keep a logo that is familiar from their youngest to their oldest customer.

Engaging in Grassroots Marketing

Engaging in grassroots marketing enables a brand to not utilize all of their marketing dollars on traditional advertising tactics. By using non-traditional means, brands can put smiling faces behind their marketing efforts. BIGS Sunflower Seeds, a Thanasi Foods Brand based out of Boulder, Colorado, sent a Mobile Marketing Team to over fifty different baseball teams that they sponsored in 2013. Brand Ambassadors spent their summer in a two BIGS branded Sprinter vans visiting the MLB teams, all while giving out free sunflower seeds to fans. For the price of a traditional ad campaign, BIGS accomplished making face to face interactions, obtaining new fans and maintaining crucial relationships with their partnerships. So next time you consider your marketing strategies, drop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a print ad campaign, and utilize your employees and their skills.

Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Social Media allows brands to develop quickly over a short span of time. Fans flock to the internet and expect that brands will have a solid social media base. Besides gaining crucial market research from your Facebook and Twitter fans, brands are now able to interact with their consumers on an everyday basis. Facebook has several marketing tools that allow a brand to run promotions, engage in coupons, promote e-commerce, as well as providing important demographic information. Besides the ability to have a bit of fun with your consumers, brands can also get a good idea of who their consumers actually are. Be sure to keep your social media outlets free of clutter, and only post valuable information that your fans will enjoy engaging in.

Differ From Competition

What makes your brand differ from the other brands in your category? Are you doing something different to gain your consumer’s attention? Brands must constantly think of marketing strategies that gives them a “one-up” on the others. Whatever makes your brand different, embrace the uniqueness. Have a coupon campaign that varies from the others, engage in grassroots tactics, offer a drastic price point, and promote the well-being of your product.

With these simple brand-building techniques, your brand will please consumers for generations to come. Be a brand that nobody forgets by utilizing strategies that promote unique marketing opportunities.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in interior design and home decor. She currently writes for, a leading vendor of plain and custom mats.



Does your interior designer use 3D renderings?

Well, all interior designers should! Remodeling can be a daunting task, especially for first-time homeowners. At Spaces Designed, Austin, Texas we offer 3D rendering services to help our clients visualize the possibilities available for a desired space.

This digital process enables us to show our clients, in real-time, what the final product will look like, allowing for changes along the way.

But, what is a 3D rendering?
A rendering is an illustration that can depict the visualization of the space complete with wall designs, furniture, accessories and even color! It also shows the space’s overall layout and it spatial relationships.
This allows for greater client interaction and collaboration and eliminates the not always welcome “surprise factor.”
Renderings are also time and cost efficient for clients and many mistakes can be avoided by simply looking at the big, detailed picture.



Understated luxury- Austin bathroom

Gone are the days when bathrooms were seen as purely utilitarian spaces. Today, savvy homeowners know that the bathroom can add value to the home and improve their lifestyle. 
With the Hunter’s Lodge Bathroom remodel, we aimed to create a space that inspired serenity and embraced simplicity. For a sleek finish, we chose modern, rectangular porcelain vessel sinks and a mosaic backsplash accent. The beauty of working with tile backsplash is that it gives designers infinite possibilities, making each project almost like a snowflake in their diversity. Also, backsplash can be easily removed or replaced if needed, giving the homeowner flexibility for the future. We kept it simple with the flooring and wall colors to emphasize the dark cabinetry and to make the room appear larger. The spa-vibe was completed with an expansive walk-in shower and minimalistic accents.

Screen Shot 2015-03-22 at 9.45.24 PM

Back to White, A Stand-Alone Kitchen in Austin Texas

A crisp interior to offset a bright, natural backdrop was the basis for this project. Our team of interior designers focused on creating harmony among the shapes and lines and adding a touch of glimmer in strategic places in this Austin Texas kitchen. The pale cabinetry complements the subdued wood hue and makes the center island the kitchen’s unifier. White walls add lightness to the space making it appear larger, while the large glass windows allow plenty of natural light creating an open and airy space. v1-2



5 interior design musts for your Austin home

Curated by Spaces Designed’s founder and head designer, Komal Sheth we have lined up #TheList of the 5 interior design concepts and items you should be incorporating in your Austin Texas home’s decor.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.04.26 PM


Add texture with a rug, a painting, even a wall! Our current obsession is the Sani Ruby Tibetano custom carpet found here.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.09.40 PM

Patterns come in all shapes and forms and can be easily incorporated in any setting. Not comfortable with interior design? Get some inspiration from our Houzz profile.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.13.16 PMJewel tones are a must to create a modern, fresh look. In this Austin home, we decided to go for the unexpected and add a little “hello” to the kitchen area.


Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.19.28 PM

Because who doesn’t need a conversation starter? At our interior design studio, we are always on the lookout for new local artists to feature in our projects.

and last, but not least #5

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.24.40 PM


Make your home your own with the help of smells, pillows, flowers and decor. One must-have for us is this Anthropologie jar candle.


Happy decorating design lovers!

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Northwest Austin Kitchen Remodel

When Austin homeowners, wanted their kitchen remodeled, they turned to us.
At Spaces Designed, we have a wealth of experience in rebuilding and redesigning spaces that are functional, modern and cohesive.
“We strip spaces to the bare bone and see what can be done differently. We always think about the long-term impact in someone’s life,” said Komal Sheth, Principal Designer at Spaces Designed.
For conversation starters, Komal set the neutral palette against bright, blue accents.
The final result was a remodeled kitchen that was not only user-friendly, filled with nifty space-saving storage arrangements and attention-grabbing fixtures, but also eco-friendly, completed with energy-saving appliances.
“Spaces Designed takes the word “green” very seriously,” said Sheth. “For us, it is not a trend; it is a way to live more efficiently while taking care of our planet,” she added.
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Latest on our book: The Westlake Hill Home

In a world where smoky glass triumphs over clear once season only to be “out” the next, and mixed metals go from being risky to stylish, a designer’s main challenge is incorporating new trends without compromising function and style. Another important cue for a designer is listening to the client’s needs. Some times, it is simply too hard to let go of a furnishing that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Our vision for this Westlake Hill’s home? Timeless design. We took the basement, an area that was once a children’s playroom and turned it into the ultimate adult entertainment space adding a glass gym room, wine tasting room/kitchen, vintage pool table and re-doing the staircase. The best part was incorporating vintage elements and nostalgic pieces that not only added a personal touch to the room, but also remained “ageless,” like the homeowner’s engraved dining table and Chinese  armoire. We worked around the concept of keeping timeless pieces and introducing modern twists like the hand-printed wallpaper and wine bottle rack.


Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.49.39 PMScreen Shot 2015-01-12 at 10.49.20 PMwall9400 vignette9323 (1)kitchen9237 bath9388


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